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Travel Responsibility

Self-Guided Walking

Walking is a sport where safety depends on the judgment and alertness of the participants. At TraveLocal we make every effort to provide accurate and detailed information in the description of each route.

It is very important for each participant to be aware of their responsibility, to pay attention to the information given in the descriptions of the routes, to apply them and to use the "common sense".

When out walking, you are responsible for the way you act and the decisions you make. Sometimes this can involve walking on a variety of terrain (uneven surfaces, wet / muddy / slippery areas, loose rock, poor visibility, etc.) that can present difficulties and challenges that should not be underestimated. In these situations it is of the utmost importance that the participant uses great care and common sense, as some routes may become dangerous and unsafe if the person has not received adequate care, is not properly dressed and does not have sufficient physical and / or technical ability. .

When crossing streams it is better to walk in the stream and not on the stones especially if they are wet or muddy. We would NOT recommend wading across when water level is above the knee!

Also stairs can be slippery, so pay special attention when you meet stairs and use the walking sticks for balance. When going  downhill use bent knees and descend sideways, not vertically.

In short, be always careful and use common sense.



Cycling is a sport in which your safety depends on your own judgment and alertness as a cyclist. We can not be held responsible for possible damage (physical or otherwise) if the participant does not follow the road regulations, has consumed alcohol before cycling or has developed excessive speed. As a cyclist you have to be responsible for the way you ride and the condition of your bike.

When traveling on quiet country roads but also on all roads you should always consider which side of the road you should be using, especially after a break when your mind may switch off.

In short, use common sense and caution at all times.

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