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Discover your
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Who we are

TraveLocal is a new member of the international company of which has been planning hiking, cycling and cultural tours for individual travelers in France, Greece, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands for years. We specialize in organizing self-guided tours and packages for small groups, families and individuals.

In Greece the office, operating since 1994, has been organizing hiking packages only for inbound tourism. Time has come to create something similar for the Greek market. TraveLocal offers tour packages only to residents of Greece.

Our goal is to give the possibility and also the opportunity to see Greece through the eyes of a traveler and to admire it in a different way... hiking or cycling, always hand in hand with sustainability.

At TraveLocal we offer sustainable tourism which means that we take into account all future economic and environmental impacts and look for ways to reduce our ecological footprint. For this reason:

  • We always choose small, family run hotels to get in touch with the local population. We always suggest local dishes and restaurants or wineries.
  • We have developed the application ActiveNav to guide you technologically through the paths and to places you will choose and to avoid paper printing.
  • We use luggage transport from local providers to avoid using the car where it is not necessary.
  • Finally, we recommend the use of reusable water bottles and not the use of a plastic ones.


Inspirer of this company is Hetty Schuppert.

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