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Discover your
perfect trip

Comfort Level

Comfort is a subjective concept. We rely on the European "star" system, however, this system gives no indication of the feeling you get from a place or the way you are welcomed.

So having taken into account both the official category and our own sense, we choose accommodation based on style, local character and charm.

Most of the accommodations we suggest are 3 and 4 *, with swimming pool. Sometimes we might choose a 2* accommodation if they have a great atmosphere and a warm friendly environment.



A category: Simple accommodation, such as huts often with shared bathroom.

B category: Good 3* hotels, with amenities and breakfast in a good location with friendly atmosphere. They usually have a restaurant and / or a swimming pool.

C category: Luxury 4* hotels, with breakfast and all modern amenities, in a good location with a friendly atmosphere. They usually have a restaurant and / or pool.

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