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Discover your perfect trip!
Discover your
perfect trip

What is a self-guided trip?

A self-guided program is an adventure “under control”, where the logistics are covered by experts and YOU are the main player of your adventure, as you decide when, how and with whom you will travel. A self-guided tour gives you the chance to explore a destination at your own pace, on foot or by bike, while having all the necessary tools and information at hand: the route notes, places of interest, accommodation and transport arrangements. 

The advantages of this type of tour are twofold:

  • You Save Time in preparing for your holidays and 
  • You have Total Freedom of Action as you take your own pace.


What does a self-guided tour include?

Our self-guided packages include:

  • hand-picked accommodation with breakfast
  • luggage transport
  • complete program of activities
  • detailed descriptions of all trails in the program
  • connection to our ActiveNav app on your mobile

At TraveLocal our main concern is the satisfaction of our customers and our constant effort to offer tours of high quality and unforgettable experiences.

How we design our packages?

We have hiked or cycled every route that we offer, in order to provide detailed route notes. We select and visit each accommodation in person. Therefore we know every hotelier, trust them and check their quality of services over a long cooperation. 

For each destination we choose the most spectacular routes and the most enchanting landscapes that will amaze you without any unnecessary risks.

We avoid the crowded areas and follow quieter and less-frequented routes. For our cycling routes we select quiet roads with little traffic. The route notes cover every detail, every detour, sign, distance, etc and because of the APP will help you complete the route safely.

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