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Level of Difficulty

Hiking - Level of Difficulty  

Every hike has its own degree of difficulty. This is cited as:

  • 1 dot - Easy hiking: 2-4 hours of hiking (excluding breaks). Hiking on a slightly hilly terrain using well-maintained trails.
  • 2 dots - Moderate hiking: 4-6 hours of hiking (excluding breaks). Hiking in more mountainous areas using well-maintained but sometimes rocky trails.
  • 3 dots - Demanding hiking: 6-8 hours of hiking (excluding breaks). Hiking or trekking through high alpine areas sometimes carrying your rucksack with items for several nights. Overall ascent/descent of up to 1500 metres per day.


Cycling - Level of Difficulty

The cycling routes are of different levels and it is difficult to give an exact estimate of the overall level of difficulty. Various factors need to be taken into account such as daily distances, wind direction, weather, number of gears on your bike and your physical condition.

  • 1 dot - Easy: Cycling on nearly flat terrain. The daily distances are app. 20-30km. Bicycles with up to 3 gears required.
  • 2 dots - Moderate: Cycling on slightly hilly terrain, with ascent up to 200 meters and daily cycling distance of app. 30-50 km. Bicycles with up to 7 gears required.
  • 3 dots - Demanding: Cycling on hilly terrain, with ascent up to 500 meters and daily cycling distance 50-70 km. Bicycles with up to 21 gears required.

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