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Tinos - Discover the craftsmen island
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4 days
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Tinos - Discover the craftsmen island - 4 days
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Tinos - Discover the craftsmen island - 4 days

Tinos is a relatively large island. It has many, beautiful, small and large, picturesque, mountain villages. White, well preserved mansions with blue windows, flower gardens and balconies. Churches with high bell towers that stand out from afar. You will discover:

  • routes drawn on cobbled streets
  • idyllic quiet beaches
  • Tinos traditional inland and pigeons lofts
Day 1: Falatados - Livadi
Day 2: Falatados - Volax - Komi - Loutra Koumaros - Falatados
Day 3: Falatados - Tinos Chora
Day 4: Tour of Tinos Chora

Day 1:    Falatados - Livadi

Upon arrival in Tinos the taxi driver will be taking you to Falatado where the first hike towards Livadi starts. 

Day 2:    Falatados - Volax - Komi - Loutra Koumaros - Falatados

Today the hike is great. Follow route number 5 from Falatados and head north to the village of Volax. This traditional village, where crafts are still practiced, is located in a strange landscape where huge granite stones are found all around. Then continue through a surprisingly green stream to the village of Agapi. At the village of Komi walk either through the cobbled path or the asphalt. From Komi go up to the Loutra village where the famous Ursulines monastery is situated. Visit it if you wish. Be careful, Loutra does not have a cafe or restaurant to rest at. Go up to Koumaros, which is not far away, and from there go down a bit and walk back to Falatados.

Total hiking distance: 16 km

Day 3:    Falatados - Tinos Chora

Today a wonderful walk, that summarizes all the impressive elements of a hike in Tinos, is suggested. Go up to a monastery and then down along churhes and through a paved path to Tinos Chora. During this walk enjoy the spectacular views of the sea and the whitewashed houses of the town.

Spend the night in Chora. The luggage will be transfered by TraveLocal.

Total Hiking distance: 8 km

Day 4:    Tour of Tinos Chora

On your last day visit the museums of the island and do some cultural tourism. Alternatively go for a swim, relax and remember impressions, images and experiences from Tinos.

Prices & Dates

Price pp
Double room, breakfast 136.00
Extra night (breakfast only) 25.00
season surcharge
2021-04-27 - 2021-05-01 30.00
2021-05-30 - 2021-06-15 6.00
2021-06-16 - 2021-06-19 30.00
2021-06-20 - 2021-06-28 6.00
2021-06-29 - 2021-09-18 30.00
Extra services
Ferry tickets (regular) : Rafina-Tinos pp 29.00
Ferry tickets (highspeed) : Rafina-Tinos pp 40.00
Ferry tickets (regular) : Tinos-Rafina pp 29.00
Ferry tickets (highspeed) : Tinos-Rafina pp 40.00
Lefkes Rooms

Lefkes rooms to rent are located at the entrance of Falatados village in Tinos, next to the starting point of the hiking trails. Clean rooms in a quiet environment with a large garden and a traditional tavern with good food that has been operating since 1964 are at your service.

Vinzenzo Family Rooms

This accommodation is located in a central location in the town of Tinos, near the port and the church of Panagia. It is a family business, which aims to highlight Greek hospitality. Having succeeded this, it operates all year round and provides excellent services.

www.http: //


3 nights stay, possibility for additional overnights

Accommodation in rooms to rent

Breakfast included

Emergency service

Transfers from the port to Falatados and from Chora to the port is included

All information and route descriptions in our ActiveNav App

Ferry tickets are not included in the package price

Practical Info

The ferry from Rafina to Tinos usually leaves either early in the morning at 7.50 or in the afternoon at 17.30. I suggest you do not buy a car, you will not need it. Leave the car at the private parking lot of Rafina, where it will be safe, as it is not needed in Tinos.

Don't forget that ferry tickets can be booked and send via TraveLocal .

Take the afternoon ferry to return to Rafina.

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